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New equipment

We carry the top brands in new snow groomers and drags as well as a variety of used groomers and parts – everything you need to keep grooming! If you don’t see it here, please contact us as we may have items that have not yet been added to the website.

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Soucy Track Agricultural

Soucy Track is known for there agricultural tracks be it for row crop tractors, sprayers, planters, trailers and combines.

Trailsetter drags

Trailsetter Drags are made in the USA and qualify for RTP funding. They have a adjustable pan and bolt on reversible cutters available in widths 8ft to 12ft. There design allows for processing snow in temperatures from below zero to the warm sticky springtime conditions

Mueller grooming blades

Mueller grooming blades are available as both 8 way and 12 way to mount to front 3 point hitch

Mueller ski net rewinder

The ski net rewinder simplifies rolling up ski area safety nets.

Mueller snow tillers

Mueller Snow Tillers are designed to be used with agricultural tractors. They are available in two models with or without track setters in varying widths. Add Soucy tracks and blade to have the most versatile nordic groomer.

Tidd Tech Nordic grooming equipment

For nearly 30 years, Tidd Tech Ltd. has been the industry leader in lightweight snow grooming equipment. Want great cross country ski trails without the huge investment of having a snowcat? Tidd Tech groomers can help you create World Cup quality XC ski trails using a snowmobile or other small utility tow vehicle. Tidd Tech machines are the most versatile, cost effective snow grooming implements available.

Soucy Track groomers

Excellent grooming capabilities, best visibility of all groomers on the market. A wide range of tractor sizes available allowing for groomer widths from 6 to 10 ft, wide range of adaptable equipment. Easily converted back to tires for summer use or resale; possibility of leasing a tractor. Tractor can be utilized independent of drag, track studding available.

Mountain Grooming freighter sled

Mountain Grooming Equipment freighter sleds are designed to haul the large loads. Rugged box tubing frame with removable sides, etal skis with UHMW ski bottoms, adjustable runners, fifth-wheel hitch for easier pulling, fifth-wheel hitch plate mount is predrilled to fit Arctic Cat Bearcat.

Sur-Trac drags

Sur-Trac drags have been used every winter under extreme conditions, providing the finest groomed trails.

Sur-Trac groomers

Sur-Trac™ groomers, designed and built by Ebert Welding, are distributed by Mountain Grooming Equipment throughout the Eastern US. Sur-Trac groomers have been proving themselves on the trails for well over 15 years.