Complete track assemblies are available for most machines. Call for additional details or pricing (802) 496-3836.

Hall tracks

Hans Hall video

Watch the Hans Hall video

Complete tracks from Hans Hall – the byword for quality and reliability! No matter what type of groomer you drive, Hall tracks and track components provide all round strength. As a specialist for groomer tracks we have many years of experience. With this know-how we have developed products, which impress through quality and an economic-oriented cost-benefit ratio.

A powerful partner! Our products and product range are based on commercially available machine makes such as Bombardier, Camoplast, Kässbohrer, Leitner, Prinoth, Ratrac, etc. and above all the needs of snow groomer operators. With the Hall complete track range we cover all commercially available machine makes and types.

With aluminum, aluminum-steel or rubber cleats, Hall tracks are designed to suit the machine performance, applications and terrain in the best possible way. The innovative technology and top quality is impressive and customized designs are also possible. All components have earned the rating “excellent” and come together in the Hall complete tracks to produce a high-performance product which has proved its worth under the toughest slope conditions in a number of skiing, X-country and snowmobile centers all over the world. Watch a video.

Available products:

  • Type 30/5 belt
  • Type 40/5 belt
  • Type 43/5 belt
  • Type 43/6 belt
  • Type “TITAN”/6 belt

Available for the following machine makes and types; earlier models of all makes and types not listed can also be fitted with Hall tracks.

  • Bombardier, Camoplast
  • BR 180, BR 350, BR 400 M, BR 400 MP, BR 2000     Kässbohrer
  • PB 70 to PB 160, PB 100 new,
  • PB 170 to PB 230,
  • PB 240 to PB 280, PB 200 new,
  • PB 300, PB 300 polar,
  • PB 320/PB 330
  • Leitner
  • LH 250, LH 420,
  • LH 500, LH 600 Leitwolf     Prinoth
  • T2S, Husky, TC, T4S, Everest
  • Ratrac/LMC
  • TT 1800, TC 260, TT 260, TT 265     Formatic
  • Formatic XT, Super G8, Super G11

Special tracks

Not only in the maintenance of ski slopes and cross-country ski-runs but also in forestry management and in the building of paths the topography often places the most extreme requirements on the materials used. Whether slippery grass slopes or steep paths with loose boulders, rocky ledges, iced-up flanks or marshy ground, winter or all-year use…the track not only has to be matched to the performance of the machine, but also to the requirements of the terrain.

Mountain Grooming  steel-cleated tracks

Mountain Grooming Equipment tracks are available with our high quality steel cleats and belting and are available in J style cleats to fit Bombardier models BR275, BR400 MP, BR160/180 LMC 3700, 1800 Older model PB. Tracks with semi-closed cleats are available for BR350, BR275, BR400.