Sur-Trac groomers


TS115A-widetrack-2 surtrac_logoSur-Trac™ groomers, designed and built by Ebert Welding, are distributed by Mountain Grooming Equipment throughout the Eastern US. Sur-Trac groomers have been proving themselves on the trails for well over 15 years.

Why is a Sur-Trac™ groomer the best choice?

  • Operating economy and design advantages of a farm tractor
  • Quality of the trail that is produced
  • Highest quality products
  • Training and After-sale Support
  • Our customer service.

For more information about the Sur-Trac philosophy, download the Sur-Trac brochure (PDF.

Sur-Trac TL-A

The TL-A series groomer starts at a mere 7’ 4” wide yet packs the punch of a 100HP turbo-charged diesel engine designed specifically for high-torque agricultural applications – perfect for grooming! Featuring the same rugged design and build characteristics as its big brothers, the new  TL-A series groomer is just the ticket for clubs looking for the economy and reliability of a Sur-Trac groomer in a smaller package.

Sur-Trac TS-A

When we set out to install our proven Sur-Trac grooming system on this exciting new tractor series we realized that over the past 15 years of listening to operators and incorporating feature after feature, our Sur-Trac system has evolved  from a simple “tractor conversion” to become a full-fledged specialty groomer. A Sur-Trac groomer retains all of the benefits of operating a farm-tractor based unit without sacrificing important performance characteristics required in a dedicated snowmobile trail groomer. To complement this new tractor design we’ve gone back to square one to apply all that we’ve learned over the past 15 years. The result? …the slickest Sur-Trac groomer to date!

Sur-Trac brush bar

  • 28 blades per knife assembly for maximum blade cutting surface.
  • Knives easily slice though 2.5” tree limbs.
  • Each blade “opening” is limited to 2.5” to prevent larger limbs from getting jammed in knife… larger limbs will typically lean into the tapered metal frame “points” and simply bend back as groomer travels forward.
  • Cutting height varies slightly depending on drag brands.
  • Custom brush bar lengths (shorter/longer) can be requested in increments of 6.5”

brush bar